A couple of weeks ago, the LIU Global Costa Rica Center students traveled to the Caribbean province of Limón in Costa Rica as part of a joint field trip with students from Trinity College who had been in Trinidad & Tobago this semester studying Caribbean history and culture. The Trinity College students came to Costa Rica to expand their vision of the greater Caribbean. LIU Global students participated in the trip as part of the Latin American Studies seminar taught by Professor Lorna Baez, who explained that “the objective of the trip was to first challenge the idea of Costa Rica solely identified as a homogenous, Spanish-speaking, Catholic country by presenting the historical experience of migration waves into the province of Limon that contributed to diverse ethnic and racial groups. […]Limon is a prime location to confront us with the difficulties of defining the Caribbean and exposes us with a vast cultural heterogeneity that intersects around experiences of colonialism, nationalism, globalization and transnational migration.”

Photos by Pablo Delano, Trinity College

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